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Famous Shit That Happened Since Bill Snyder Was Born

Everyone knows Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is old, especially without Joe Paterno to compare to anymore. But exactly how old is he? ... well, he's 72 - that was too easy. But what does it all mean? And how can WRNL present it to you in childlike terms? And can you make it sort of like the song "We Didn't Start The Fire"?

All that and more ...

1939 Atomic_bomb_medium
Little Billy Snyder bursts from his mothers loins
World War II begins: Coincidence?

Mount Rushmore completed
The "t-shirt" is introduced
The first computer is invented (by Iowa State researchers): ISU! ISU!
US drops atomic bombs on Japan (developed in part at Iowa State): isu? isu?
The microwave is invented

The Credit Card is introduced: Thousands of college kids rejoiceBikini_medium
The bikini is invented: More rejoicing
Playboy magazine begins distribution: a very good decade so far
The first McDonalds opens
The TV remote is invented: Thank God
NASA founded: If this is the lamest thing in the decade, you know its a good one

Cuban Missile Crisis
JFK assassinated: A markedly shittier decade
First troops sent to Vietnam
The first Star Trek episode
Coach Paul Rhoads is born (1967): In Bethlehem a child was born, and his parents were "so proud".
First Super Bowl: Ends on a high note

Beatles break up
The VCR is introduced
Elvis found dead: Lots of musical low-lights to this one so far
Star Wars released: The first one, the first time kids ... this is how long Lukas has been milking itWalkman_medium
Sony introduces the Walkman

IBM produces its first Personal Computer: "PC" for short, how clever
The movie ET is released
Cabbage Patch dolls become popular: Especially with several writers for this site
DNA first used to convict a criminal
He-Man action figures introduced: and they were awesome

OJ Simpson did not murder anyone: allegedly
Use of the Internet becomes prevalent: porn stars rejoiceMad-cow_medium
Scientist clone a sheep: retitled - A KSU grad clones his girlfriend
Mad Cow disease hits England
Viagra goes on the market: raging hardons for everyone!

If you're reading this the last 11 years should be pretty self-explanatory. iPod, iPads, iPSUmolestations, etc. If you do happen to be less than 11, its probably time to stop reading this site before your parents catch you.