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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/04/11

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Wrnlmidmorningdump_medium Iowa State Football

JARED BARNETT! JARED BARNETT! JARED BARNETT! Want to read even more about Jared Barnett and his parents? or how Barnett's proficiency in run game sparks the offense?

A couple of items from Rock Chalk Talk, SB Nation's Kansas blog, on this weekend's game: Kansas Jayhawks vs. Iowa State Cyclones Tale of the Tape, and Matchup Breakdown: Kansas vs. Iowa State.

Jake Knott is happy with the DB play this year: ISU slowing Big 12 passing attacks.

Looks like injured RB Shontrelle Johnson's surgery date is set. Get well soon Shon, we'll see you back juking defenders next year.

While the focus has been on Jared Barnett, former starter Steele Jantz has found a way to stay positive, while the O-line found its groove.

Attendance figures have been very good this season, despite some crushing home losses. Saturday figures to be no different.

As they do every week, ISU Video puts out this week's Hit Tape. I'm guessing there was far less difficulty than usual in picking plays to feature this week.


Big 12

Texas is replacing its classic A&M Thanksgiving game with Texas Tech. Bring back Michael Crabtree, and I'd be more interested.

Want to see a former coach burn all his bridges with a former employer? Check out Rich Rodriguez on WVU's legal troubles.

Around College Football

Bill Connelly takes a look at the game of the weekend (on the field anyway) LSU Vs. Alabama: How To Score On The Tide (Or At Least Try).

On the other hand, if you want to see blood in the stands, maybe Louisville-West Virginia is the game for you. Louisville cheerleaders or no Louisville cheerleaders... that is the question.

Kirk Haaland's interesting statistical analysis of offenses and defenses around the NCAA. Of note here: Iowa State's offense still sucks even without turnovers, and Iowa's defense is on the field WAY too long.