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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/09/11

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Wrnlmidmorningdump_medium Iowa State

No football game this weekend, but some good news in that Iowa State breaks ticket records for football and basketball. If you don't have a ticket to Oklahoma State next weekend, Iowa State has a deal for you. Also, our game at Oklahoma has now been changed to 11 AM.

Women start their regular season off Friday at 7 PM against Houston at Hilton Coliseum.

Men's Basketball kicks off Saturday against Lehigh at 1 PM at Hilton Coliseum. Meanwhile, Scott Christopherson has been nominated for the Lowe's Senior Class Award.

Around College Football

Bill Connelly looks at your theoretical 2011 NCAA Football Playoffs.

BlogPoll for Week 11 is out. You can see my ballot here.

Houston Nutt is out as Ole Miss coach. Who's interested in the job (and every other job)? Mike Leach!

Around College Basketball

Check out this article about the Carrier Classic between North Carolina and Michigan State. Click the Flight Deck tab for a look at how the stands will be set up. Mind blowing.

Odds to win the NCAA Mens' Basketball Championship in 2012. Iowa State notably absent from the list of 8 bajillion.

Penn State Scandal

What a mess. Grown men who are supposed to be shaping young men that don't have the moral fiber to know what to do when they see/hear about now possibly TWENTY children getting molested by a member of the coaching staff. Disgusting in every way.

Somehow, President Graham Spanier still hasn't said anything

How does one remain a Penn State supporter through all this? Jon Bois' editorial sheds some light, though today's news that Joe Paterno has been allowed to retire on his own terms at season's end may change things for some. Paterno's official statement here. JoePa is a legend for a lot of positives, but this should have rightfully caused the abrupt end to his career. He doesn't deserve the right to walk away.