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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/14/11

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Wrnlmidmorningdump_mediumIowa State Football

Ter'Ran Benton talks about his career as a Cyclone and staying after Gene Chizik left for Auburn: "I realize that this is a business; people are going to come and go," Benton said. "I had to give Coach [Paul] Rhoads a chance. It was a good thing I did because he’s the best coach I’ve ever played under. I feel like staying also makes me better as a man. Leaving when stuff is hard, it just shows weakness."

Fantastic stuff. Thanks for being a Cyclone, Ter'Ran (though no thanks on having such a difficult name to punctuate/capitalize correctly)

Kelechi Osemele made Sports Illustrated's All-America first team while Jake Knott garned honorable mention. About 9 different publications came out with their All-Americans this week, and the only other one that had a Cyclone was Pro Football Weekly tossing an honorable mention to Leonard Johnson.

Tom Herman talks about leaving Ames, while Jared Barnett offers his full support.

If you're heading to New York, be sure to check out Chris P Wildcat's recap of his Pinstripe Bowl trip last year in our fanposts (Part I, II, and III). Thanks for sharing, though I'm sure EcoKat is mad you used the energy on a Cyclone website.

Around College Football

Brett McMurphy takes a look at the BCS selection process and just how insane it is. Virginia Tech said it has sold only 9,337 of its 17,500 tickets, while Kansas State sold 12,500 bowl tickets through pre-orders before they knew if they were headed to the Sugar, Cotton or Toilet Bowl. That's some dedication, Purple Kansas.

Guz Malzahn has accepted the Arkansas State head coaching job. This is unbelievably odd, as Malzahn turned down Vanderbilt's 3 million per year offer last year, and is now taking a half million dollar paycut from his Auburn coordinator job to become a head coach. Maybe Chizik is that intolerable, or his wife's diatribe on TV cost him higher profile jobs, but as Jason Kirk points out, Malzahn could just be homesick for Arkansas and money isn't that important to him. If so, let's all hope Paul Rhoads is the exact same way.