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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/20/11

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Iowa State Football

Associate AD Steve Malchow justifies giving a 10 year contract to Paul Rhoads in his 2:00 Timeout.

I know plenty are unamused by the Pinstripe Bowl, but maybe we should just be happy we aren't going to the Hawaii bowl. Nevada has sold TEN tickets.

A video of Iowa State players enjoying some Bowl Week team activities. Lots of good stuff in here, including Deon Broomfield's rap and Hayworth Hicks declaring his love for popcorn.

Iowa State Basketball

Bubu Palo has been making the most of his increased minutes.

The Iowa State women play at Hilton tonight, hoping to do something the men haven't done for a while... beat Northern Iowa.

Around College Basketball

Obviously there's two sides to every story, but this doesn't make Phil Martelli look very good.