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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/30/11 - Pinstripe Bowl Day!


Iowa State Football

The New York Times wrote a feature story on Paul Rhoads and his relationship with Iowa State.

Yet another article about Mohamed Sanu being the focal point of Rutgers' offense, while Eric LeGrand is their poster boy. LeGrand really is one of the best stories in college football and every college football fan should be inspired by him.

AJ Klein wasn't always the best student of the game, but has changed his ways, with great results.

Hit Tape!

Iowa State Basketball

Bubu Palo finally received a scholarship for the 2nd semester, meaning Naz Long will stay in high school this spring.

Around College Football

Texas won the Holiday Bowl, and Baylor delivered the no-defense special of the bowl season, outscoring Washington 165-152 (Not really, but 67-56 isn't THAT far off). The Alamo Bowl also gave us this laughable sign from a Baylor fan.

Check out the Top 25 Sportscasting Moments of 2011.