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If Bama gets screwed, don't tell this guy

WOW. So much for the BCS National Championship game having LSU-Alabama set in stone.

With Oklahoma State winning in dominating fashion (Congrats to them on their first Big 12 title), and VT losing (meaning nobody can have OSU below #3... a shame they were anyway), along with a dozen other factors, maybe it will happen. SB Nation's BCS Projections indicate OSU may have closed the gap.

I am personally a fan of LSU-OSU, but am fine with Alabama supporters as long as they are choosing Bama because they believe Alabama is straight up better, and not just because "they had a better loss". That's not the whole BCS equation. On the flip side, people who don't want a rematch simply because they want to see a rematch bother me equally. Argue for the merits of OSU, not how boring a rematch would be and how the Crimson Tide "already got their shot".

When we're essentially arguing things like "should the best or most deserving team be #2?" or "better wins or less terrible losses more important?", it's proof of a broken system.

Here's a list of bowl projections along with the bowl Iowa State is slotted for. - Beef O' Brady's Bowl (with LSU-Bama NC) and Pinstripe Bowl (with LSU-OSU NC)
SI's Stewart Mandel - Holiday Bowl - Pinstripe Bowl - Holiday Bowl
ESPN - Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (Brad Edwards) and TicketCity Bowl (Mark Schlabach)

I find the Beef O' Brady's projection odd, as all reports I've seen have FIU accepting a bid, and the other participant being either Marshall or Pitt. Other than that, you can see it's all over the board. Consider me your conductor on the Holiday Bowl train.