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Helmet Stickers - Week 12: Kansas State

Helmetsticker_mediumThe 2011 regular season has come to an end with an unfortunate conclusion in a loss at 11th ranked Kansas State.
While the loss doesn't burn all that bad, it's still disappointing knowing what this team could have accomplished this year. 6 wins was more than most prognosticators were saying pre-season especially when taking the strength of schedule into consideration. Most said this team was better but the overall record would do the team justice. Turns out that projection was spot on, as I count a few losses this year where Iowa State could have won. I won't get into that though. A win is a win and a loss is a loss, there is no debating that. All that said, to steal Paul Rhoads' coined phrase, I'm so proud of this program. They continually get no love yet continually produce with the odds stacked against them. Losses like yesterday's are just growing pains for a program being built from the ground up.


FINAL: IOWA STATE (6-6, 3-6) 23 KANSAS STATE (10-2, 7-2) 30



Jeff Woody, RB - As my friend Connet said yesterday, Woody is just full of spunk. There's a dirty joke in there somewhere. In all seriousness Woody carried the load yesterday....wait, there's another dirty joke in there too. I think it's almost impossible not to use dirty jokes when you are as immature as I am and dealing with the last name of Woody. All I know is Jeff Woody exploded all over that K-State defense yesterday. He was unstoppable, except when we needed it the most on 4th down and the game on the line. However him not getting the first down was no fault of his. I think about everyone and their infants knew what was coming on that play and the K-State defensive line won the battle. Regardless, Jeff concluded the game with 85 net yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground and also added one reception for 7 yards.



Patrick Neal, DE - I said it the first time he got a helmet sticker and I'll say it again. This kid has come out of nowhere to become a contributing defensive end in the B12. Talk about odds being stacked against you. Not many programs would have given Neal a shot but Iowa State did and he's earned everything he's achieved with hard work and dedication, in the weight room, class room, and on the field. He's an ambassador of this program. Iowa State hasn't had the greatest defensive line this year, or ever for that matter. That doesn't stop them from doing their job. Yesterday was a perfect example. The defense rallied for 4 sacks, most in one game all year. Neal had one of those sacks, 4 total tackles and a pass breakup. He was applying a lot of pressure on Calvin Klein when he was in. (see what I did there?) One more game left as a Cyclone Patrick. I wish you the best in the future and thank you for your services.


Paul Rhoads - He doesn't wear a helmet, so likely has nowhere to put this (I suggest sticking it your bed coach so you can stare at it prior to going to sleep each night) but he is certainly deserving of a sticker. It was 3 years ago when we swapped Gene Chizik for you coach Rhoads and I think all Cyclone fans are in agreement that we got the better end of that deal. You've accomplished too much to discuss in this short paragraph but let it be known it is all appreciated. I hope this year's home game attendance is proof of our appreciation. No doubt we want to keep you here and I'm sure you'll be getting a nice little raise. I hope you and your staff are happy because we're all proud of what you guys have been able to do. Cheers to those accomplishments and the more to come, especially against our upcoming bowl opponent. From Cyclone fans everywhere...Thank you coach Paul Rhoads.


Bill Snyder - I'm going to keep this short and sweet Bill. We know you are old, we know you somehow coach your teams up to incredible results, but damn it is strange to see a current head coach leading his team in a stadium named after himself. does that happen?