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Sanders Released by Colts, Hurts Self at Presser

Today the Indianapolis Colts cut two time Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders.  Sanders had been known for his small stature (5'8") but his ability to deliver punishing hits that put him on the sideline for seasons at a time.  Since his rookie season in 2004 Sanders has battled various knee, foot, ankle, and upper body injuries that lead to him missing more games than he has played.  He has only played in 48 games since his rookie season, but has missed 64.Sanders

A press conference was scheduled for this afternoon so Sanders could address his fans but on the way to podium he tripped over the leg of the buffet table set up for the press and sprained his ankle.  The blow was devastating and the table remained on the ground for at least 15 minutes.  Sanders was taken to the local hospital for further analysis and is expected to miss 6-8 weeks of unemployment to rehab the injury.  We spoke with Colts owner Jim Irsay to get his comments on the situation.

"Bob was the consummate professional and even though he could not stay on the field, we value his time in Indianapolis," Irsay said. "Further, we believe that this ankle injury that occurred earlier today was due to his unfamiliarity with the press room.  Had Bob been involved in more action he would have known that the buffet table is set up next to the door for the press and not the players.  Bob was completely lost in the facility and did not realize players took a separate entrance to get into the room.  We wish him a speedy recovery and much success in the UFL this summer."