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WRNL Winter Weather Update

Keeping our readers well informed is one of our primary objectives here at WRNL. Well, that and trying to get co-eds to write WRNL across their boobies and email us a picture: (manboob pics will also be accepted, begrudgingly).

The weather in central Iowa the past few days has been miserable to say the least. Like you, many of us spent much of the last two days unable to even leave the house. Luckily, most roads have finally been reopened and we are able to get out and reload on the Jergen's and tissue that you never can seem to have enough of when you get an unexpected day off. But unfortunately the snowday fun has to come to an end at some point, and life in the "Post blizzard era" must begin.

Here are some photos WRNL was able to get our hands on from this recent bout with severe weather.


DJKsnow2DJK Forecast? Blow'n Snow!

DJK knows a thing or two about "snow". Here are 3 tips from someone with as much experience with fresh white powder as Darryl Strawberry (you know, because he spent a lot of years in New York. Those winters are tough!) on winter weather.

Always clean up the left over powder. I dont leave anything behind. A credit card or a razor blade will get everything up for you.
Man, DJK must have the cleanest driveway ever!

"Snow" can be hard to come by sometimes. I know I've had to do plenty of "favors" for some other guys on the team to get some. As long as you're willing to do "anything", you can make it happen.
We can only suspect he's referring to getting a ride with buddies up to Miinnesota for some skiing or something like that...

If anybody tries to take your powder, stick that mutha fucker! You can't let people treat you like a bitch.
I know the nieghbor's kids always use some of the snow out of my front yard to make a snowman. I mean it pisses me off and all, but I don't know if it's worth stabbing someone over.

taoufuoDrive fast, take chances ... get arrested, hope for 3rd chance

Matt Tau'fo'ou knows a thing or two about driving in dangerous situations. He has some advice for our readers about getting behind the wheel in the winter.

If you are going to drive I just want to warn you, roads are nearly impossible to walk a straight line on. Also, it's damn near impossible to say the alphabet backwards.

We would like to thank both DJK and Matt Tau'fo'ou for their contributions and for helping our readers make it through the winter safe.