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iowa hawkeyes: A Timeline of Originality

We at WRNL have become recently aware that an iowa hawkeye football player is now endorsing the use of the name "Farmageddon" for the upcoming annual tilt between the hawkeyes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Now of course, as we all know, Farmageddon is already in use by Iowa State and Kansas State, which the U of I press acknowledges in that article. After some investigation (which may have involved digging up the corpse of Robert Stack) we stumbled on to the shocking fact that this is not the first time iowa has benefited from the creative ideas of others.Ladies and gentlemen, we give you a timeline in iowa's originality.1979: New coach Hayden Fry looks for a way to make his small town players look intimidating to teams such as Michigan and Ohio State. Fresh out of ideas, Fry decides to sneak into Pittsburgh and steal the Steelers' uniforms for his team's use.1981: Using the four teeth they still have remaining, iowa fans realize that the state only has four letters in it. While searching for similarly named states they stumble across "Ohio", whose state university conveniently spells out their state name as O-H-I-O multiple times a game. iowa fans realize this is not only a good way to remember where they are, but a good way to teach their kids to spell.