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100 Reasons To Be A Cyclone: Days 84-83

Wide Right and Natty Lite is doing a countdown of the top 100 reasons to be a Cyclone fan. Whether it be football, basketball, wrestling or cricket we have taken the time to analyze exactly why you should cheer for the Cyclones and chant "Fuck...The...Hawkeyes" at the top of your lungs. Settle in for the 100 straight days of why you should cheer for the cardinal and gold over all esle.

Countdown to Kickoff: Day 84-83

In this weekend's update we bring you news on the development of the scoreboard project and the recently approved football only facility.

On Wednesday the Iowa Board of Regents approved the $20 million facility that will be completed in time for the start of the 2012 season. This is a huge step for the the football team and the athletics department as a whole.

The continual support of the team will now allow them to have their own facility attached to an already outstanding facility in the Bergstrom Indoor Practice Facility and will allow dedicated space for coaches and players to have quick access to all of their needs. A proposed tunnel to Jack Trice Stadium will allow the players to dress in the football facility and be into the stadium within minutes. How they will do this for gameday remains to be seen.

Downstream from all of this is what happens with the space the football team currently takes up in the Jacobson and Olsen buildings. As it turns out, this will allow the wrestling team to finally move into a lager area and have their dedicated rooms and training areas.

In the end, what's good for football is good for Iowa State athletics as a whole.

Click here for the PDF with all of the renderings, and see below for a progress picture on the scoreboard taken by yours truly yesterday afternoon.