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100 Reasons To Be A Cyclone: Day 68

Wide Right and Natty Lite is doing a countdown of the top 100 reasons to be a Cyclone fan. Whether it be football, basketball, wrestling or cricket we have taken the time to analyze exactly why you should cheer for the Cyclones and chant "Fuck...The...Hawkeyes" at the top of your lungs. Settle in for the 100 straight non-consecutive days of why you should cheer for the cardinal and gold over all esle.

Countdown to Kickoff: Day 68 is doing a Friday Flashbacks series all through the summer to help whet our appetites for the upcoming season. This past Friday's video chronicles the come from behind victory in 2000 the Cyclones had over the Oklahoma State Cowboys. It's not that comeback that makes this list, but rather the man who scored the winning touchdown: Lane Danielson. Whether it be there, in the Bowl later that season, or against Iowa in 2001 Lane was always the wide receiver around big plays. One wonders what he would have been like in the spread systems of today.

And before we forget, there's always this gem:


Nice tackle there #12.