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100 Reasons To Be A Cyclone: Days 46-33

Wide Right and Natty Lite is doing a countdown of the top 100 reasons to be a Cyclone fan. Whether it be football, basketball, wrestling or cricket we have taken the time to analyze exactly why you should cheer for the Cyclones and chant "Fuck...The...Hawkeyes" at the top of your lungs. Settle in for the 100 straight non-consecutive days of why you should cheer for the cardinal and gold over else.

Countdown to Kickoff: Days 46-33

You saw that right, not only am I taking a normal hiatus (insert timing joke here) but I'm also going to be gone for a week with little to no Internet access. Before I blow my wad on YouTube videos I wanted to mention that this countdown has not really been about "100 Reasons to Be A Cyclone" but rather more an excuse to pass the days until kickoff arrives in a little over six (yes, six!) weeks. Alas, now I will blow my load on various YouTube videos showing the awesomness of Iowa State.

Once I return and get into the top 25 we'll see some real reasons to be a Cyclone. Including, but not limited to, fingerblasting a chick in the woods while tailgating and the firing of Marty Fine. Fuck that asshole.

First, a little entrance:


And then a little hitting:


Then a little John Walters, and I guess some scores against Texas or something:


More Texas beatdown, but this time courtesy of the FSN guys (who I happen to like):


Then some dude named Fizer owning some white guy:


And we'll cap this off with a good "Fuck McDermott" video. Who cares if it was after the buzzer:


That's all folks I'll see you in August.