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Iowa and Nebraska talk Hero Game

WRNL was able to intercept this conversation between Big 10 newcomer Nebraska and their new bestie Iowa that established the recently announced "Heros Game" between the two.

superherosIowa: Hello Legend
Nebraska: Hello to you, fellow Legend
Iowa: That's so awesome.
Nebraska: I know. Drink it in.

Iowa: I'm not sure if you've heard, but I've won several co-conference championships lately. Its the Big 10, so that's roughly equivalent to 3 National Championships. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Nebraska: You're so awesome, hey - do you know this "Ohio State" guy? What's he into?

Iowa: Vandenburg? ever heard of him? He's gonna be good - Heisman good.
Nebraska: Yeah, sounds neat - do you know where Wisconsin or Michigan hangs out? Are they into Mexican food? I could have T-Magic whip 'em up something muy bueno.

Iowa: Uh, I don’t know – that seems like a weird thing to bring up. whatever, I got one word for you.
Nebraska: What’s that?
Iowa: Legend.
Nebraska: Legend.
Iowa: god damn, that makes my pee-pee tingle just hearing you say that!
Nebraska: Legend
Iowa: hehe, you minx.
Nebraska: You know what? You're also a hero.
Iowa: A what?
Nebraska: A hero.

Iowa: Ho. Ly. Fuck. (shutters through orgasm)

Iowa: OMG! We should call the game that! The Heros Game! You and me, you and me forever !!!

Nebraska: forever, champ.

Big 10 [voice appears from the clouds]: And so it shall be, a trophy will be constructed, the greatest trophy ever made - and it will be named the Heroes Trophy, because that’s what you two teams represent – Heroes. American Heroes. God bless the both of you and the game between you, it will be the greatest game ever played. Every year.

Iowa: I'm still shaking.

Nebraska: What should we call the conference championship game? Big 10, you want to hang on while I conference in Badge and Buck? that's what I call 'em now, Buck and Badge, cause we're down. They recognize.

Iowa: OMG OMG OMG - we're Heros!!!

Nebraska: Hang up please ... you Legend you.
Iowa: and a Hero! Hero-Legend ... a Hegend! or or a Lero! The Super Awesome Best Pals Hegend Lero game!!! I fucking love this!!!
Nebraska: You’re doing great kid … er, fellow Legend.