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Baylor Unveils 2011 Football Poster

Waco, TX - AP

The Baylor Bears football program unleashed their new 2011 Football campaign poster, as part of an effort to display the university's newest branding changes.

"We felt we wanted to take things back to the roots of Baylor University.  You know, more Jesus shit" said Baylor AD Ian McCraw.  "It's no secret that Baylor has been struggling on the field over the past several decades.  We have little doubt that this is a direct reflection of almighty God's extreme anger at the lack of proper praise directed towards Him through our football program.  By giving His only Son, Robert Griffin III to be Baylor's QB and lead us out of the desert of irrelevance, we feel that we need to honor the entire Holy Trinity.  Father, Son, and the Holy Griffin."  

In 2009, following Griffin's season ending knee injury, the National Council of Baptist Ministers voted that RGIII replace the Holy Spirit in the Trinity.  The move was intended as both an homage to God's offering of Griffin as the savior of the nation's most prominent Baptist university, as well as an opportunity to further distance themselves from "those god damn alcoholic kid diddling Mary worshippers".  

McGraw added further "by going forward with this new branding campaign we hope to bring God's favor onto the Bear football squad and once again let Him know how grateful we are to be fielding his only Son at the quarterback position".

The Baylor Bears 2011 football poster: