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Iowa State Doing It Big Up In Storrs: ISU - UConn Recap

As we are in the middle of a move, I am posting recaps for Mark Kieffer until we get over to SB Nation, so please direct your hate/love/dick pics his way.

Jantz 3rd PickSteele Jantz is the devil. Literally. He has passed for 666 yards, 6 TDs, and 6 Ints. Iowa State is 3-0. If that isn’t some Illuminati ish, I don’t know what is. I could have swore I saw Jay-Z and Lebron up at the game. It has to be right? How else could Iowa State play so UGLY at times yet be off to one of their best starts in years? Did Paul Rhoads sell his soul, lock up Steele, and be apart of the most controversial secret society in exchange for getting to a bowl games with one of the hardest schedules in school history?


What’s more likely is that this Iowa State defense is the best we’ve had in the last several years (which isn’t necessarily isn’t saying much). Last year, Iowa State averaged  21.67 points per game, and people were unhappy. This year, Iowa State is averaging a whooping 1 additional point (in regulation) per game, yet this team is 3-0.  Why?

The defense. Last year, through the first 3 games, Iowa State’s defense allowed 5.94 yards/rush and gave up a total of 673 yards on the ground. This year, Iowa State is allowing 3.7 yards/rush and has given up a total of 474 yards on the ground through the first 3 games.

Yes, Steele Jantz can be special, however this offense still has many issues, the biggest being turnovers as the team has already committed 10. To compare, it took Iowa State 8 games last year to commit 10 turnovers, and it took Austen Arnaud until his 6th game of 2010 before he threw his 6th interception.

It’s really a tribute to the defense that Iowa State can lose the turnover battle in the first 2 games and win, and that Iowa State can commit 3 turnovers in the first quarter on Friday and allow only 10 points. The offense at times is really not doing any favors, and the fact this team can overcome the miscues has been a blessing.

What can I really say about the game? Steele Jantz can look like an All-Big 12 player at times, and like a freshman QB at times. Darius Reynolds has decided to live up to all of the messageboard hype the Cyclone Fanatic faithful have built up on their website. Josh Lenz is especially talented and a player that I think is still very underrated. That Darius Reynolds TD where he hurdled over 2 guys was awesome, but I thought that Lenz catch to even put Iowa State in that situation was even more awesome. 

When you can play at night, on the road, commit a bunch of turnovers, commit a crap-load of penalties, get outgained in the game and lose the time of possession, AND get the W, it’s great. I just hope that this all gets cleaned up because living on the edge like this is just not going to fly in the Big 12.

Texas just put up 42 points and seems like they might have their offense and QB figured out. They also have a bye week as well, and Mack Brown teams do not lose often after bye weeks. All I can hope for, is that Jantz has an Iowa-like performance, the D holds their own, and that Texas is looking ahead to OU the following week.  I wish October 1st was sooner!