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Iowa State Finishes 5th in the 2011 Fulmer Cup Standings

As the curtain finally comes down on the off-season, the 2011 Fulmer Cup draws to a close. Iowa State managed to finish near the top of the leaderboard this year, registering a respectable 18 points against stiff competition. While nobody was going to catch Auburn after they had multiple players arrested for several counts of armed robbery and burglary each, Iowa State managed to climb as high as 2nd place shortly after Duran Hollis got busted for "controlled substances" before coming back down (much like Hollis) to finish in 5th.

Iowa State made their run in the most Iowa State-esque way possible: Multiple DUIs, Opportunistic Bonus Point Whoring, and Jacob Lattimer going completely apeshit on someone. (In this case, a police officer.) Lattimer was responsible for a whopping 27% of the team's points and earns himself this year's Jason Berryman MVP Award for Face-Assaulting Excellence.

berryman trophyThe Jason Berryman MVP Award

Apart from DUIs and Lattimer attacks, Iowa State scored big in the realm of bonus points. The Cyclones found several creative ways to boost their score, including one player getting busted for DUI while sporting a Mohawk, and having their second coach get busted for DUI in the span of a week. All in all, ISU managed to parlay their routine annual 4 DUI's and a posession charge into Fulmer Cup gold. A visual breakdown of the scoring is below: