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WRNL To The SEC... errr... SB Nation

After blaming all our troubles on the Longhorn Network, we decided to quit Bloguin and apply for SEC membership. Unfortunately, we were rejected on academic grounds. Somehow, Forrest Gump is smart enough for the SEC, but we aren't. Luckily, SB Nation was kind enough to offer us an invite, ending Blog Realignment 2K11.


Yes, there's an Asian guy in the video. No, It's not me.

After Hiring Drew Rosenhaus as our agent, we were able to negotiate a contract for $2.86 a year to write on SB Nation. Between getting us almost 3 bucks a year, and convincing Al Davis to draft Terrelle Pryor in the 3rd round, the man is clearly a miracle worker.

CyHawk, Mark Kieffer, CrossCyed, and Cyentist will join us from Clone Chronicles, hopefully uncorrupted by the large amount of SBN cash we're throwing at them.

One of the biggest reasons that we think you'll enjoy SB Nation is the community features. Please feel free to comment on any article, or throw up a FanShot about something you want to share about the Cyclones, or anything else, for that matter. Also new are GameThreads, for those of us that can't attend a game and want to talk about why Landry Jones still continues to sport the creeper 'stache, or how Fran McCaffrey looks like he's about to have his ninth stroke in the half.

Oh, and of course, since it's Texas week, head over to Burnt Orange Nation or Barking Carnival and harass those Longhorns about how much you miss Garrett Gilbert.