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Week 1 Recap: UNI

As we are in the middle of a move, I am posting recaps for Mark Kieffer until we get over to SB Nation. Kieffer will be doing a weekly recap for all games going forward. Due to Clone Zone failing hard for Kieffer, this will be the least detailed recap of the year. 

Steele JantzThere’s nothing like the first football game of the year. The tailgating, the nice fall weather, the excitement and optimism in the air, and the failed webcasts for those of us who can’t attend the game…. Ah, it’s another year of the Cyclones, and another year of doing everything possible to avoid an Ulcer.

I wasn’t able to see the game, but heading into the game I was obviously curious how Steele Jantz and the new folks on the offensive line would do. I know some fans were optimistic about the defense, but when you have a defensive line that has continually sucked with no big time recruits entering the program, I know better than to be excited.

By now, you know how the game went. It was one that Iowa State was lucky to come away with. In the 2nd quarter, I texted a friend and told him we were going to lose and he replied "yep".

After reading reactions from commentators, I wondered when the last time a QB got praised with a 45% completion percentage and a 1:3 TD to INT ratio. I saw Austen Arnaud get booed for better stats than that. In fact, the last time Arnaud completed at a 45% rate, threw 1 TD and 3INTS was against Iowa last year. I suppose Cyclone fans are ready for a fresh face. For me, I just call it the way it appears to me. The QB played like ass, and even though he got it together forthe 4th quarter, it’s clear Jantz has a long way to go.

Honestly though, Jantz was not the biggest disappointment. That distinction goes to the offensive line. Averaging 3.7 yards/carry and allowing almost 5 yards/carry against a I-AA schoolis not good. It is an indicator of a potentially long season. The last time our offensive line truly was not good was in 2008, and the warning signs were present against South Dakota State and against Kent State, despite getting the win.

I know it’s only 1 game, but from what we saw or read about on Saturday, I do not think it is reasonable to think this team can win more than 3 games this year. I do not care of UNI turns out to be the best I-AA team, Iowa State has to face the best in the Big 12. I hope this coming Saturday allows for those of us living out of town the chance to actually see the team play, and that these next few days bring forth a ton of improvement.