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Interim Cy-Hawk Trophy

Iowa Corn Growers Association announces interim trophy to be used for Saturday's game.

Twitter: Iowa Corn Growers Association


Evidently the Corn Growers are a little salty after their original trophy that an intern put at least 15 minutes into coming up with was berated on a national scale. Look for them to roll the bad boy pictured above out on Saturday morning with "This is what you pussies get for whining" scratched across the side of it. Nobody pokes fun at the ICGA... NOBODY!

You can submit ideas online for the new Cy-Hawk trophy that will debut in 2012: Vote for new Cy-Hawk Trophy

And before you waste your time, we have already been politely asked to stop requesting, "A 3D representation of the Lattimer alert system". We apologize to those of you who are now let down after hearing that.