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2012-13 Big 12 Basketball Preview

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #1 Kansas

Alas, we have arrived at #1. Shocker here, but we're predicting that Kansas will win their 50th consecutive Big 12 title. What's that? They've won eight straight? Hmm, seems like 50.

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #2 Baylor

With the season closing in, we're rounding out our final week of the Countdown. Coming in at #2, the Baylor Bears.

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #3 Iowa State

We've entered the top three in the Countdown and lookey there, a familiar name has found itself among the elite of the conference for a second consecutive year. Behold, fine readers of Wide Right & Natty Lite, at #3 Iowa State.

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #4 Kansas State

The Countdown marches onward as we've entered the realm of the true contenders. Coming in at #4, the Kansas State Wildcats.

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #5 West Virginia

We're entering the top half of the league in the countdown, and the criteria and tone of these next few previews will focus on one, basic question; is this team good enough to win the league? With the obvious inclusion of Kansas, these next five schools have in my opinion, the talent, experience and coaching on hand to be considered a legitimate conference title contender. At #5, Big 12 newcomer, West Virginia.

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #6 Oklahoma State

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #7 Oklahoma

The countdown is becoming increasingly difficult to project how the conference will shake out this season, but the show must go on. As I've highlighted, spots 2-8 are up for grabs and your guess is as good as mine. At #7, the Oklahoma Sooners.

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #8 Texas

So we've taken out the trash so to speak, covering what will be the two worst teams in the league in Texas Tech and TCU. Now is where these predictions get interesting. To the shock of many, coming in at #8, the Texas Longhorns.

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #9 TCU

This is the second preview in WRNL's countdown to the top. Sticking in the state Texas, we move East to Fort Worth where Big 12 newcomer TCU kicks off their inaugural season as a conference member.

Big 12 Basketball Countdown: #10 Texas Tech

This is the first installment in WRNL's countdown to the top. Guaranteed to piss people off and cause normally well-mannered folks to lose their cool, just remember, these are predictions and if you really want to, you can bookmark these predictions and point out how wrong I am in March.

Big 12 Basketball Preview

Continuing in our basketball preview series, it's time to take a look at the Big XII as a whole.