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Well, this game seems like a much bigger deal now than it did just a little over a week ago. The SEC-bound Tigers, fresh off of their first loss of the year, make their last-ever visit to Ames in the foreseeable future. Iowa State, on the other hand, comes off of their biggest win of the year at Texas A&M. While it's debatable how good the Aggies are, it was the first time all year that Iowa State has looked like a postseason squad.

Missouri is one of the pre-eminent offensive squads in the nation, so the Cyclones will need one of their best defensive efforts of the year to make it a good game. The students are also back in town, so there's no reason that tonight is not a sell out.

Let's reawaken some of that Hilton Magic and make Missouri's last trip to Ames as part of the Big 12 one that they don't want to remember.