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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/12/12

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SCHADENFREUDE BACKLASH: CyHawk's laughing at the Hawkeyes caught up to Iowa State, as the mens team lost a halftime lead and were defeated by #9 Missouri 76-69, while the women blew a lead in the final seconds of overtime to lose in the 2nd OT to Kansas. A litany of problems plagued the men, highlighted by poor free throw shooting and rebounding.

TROLLING 102: Alabama fans were not done celebrating their victory over LSU, as they chose to cheer when the Tigers crossed halfcourt. This is much more creative than this drunk voicemail an Alabama fan left for one of his frat buddies. Meanwhile, the fallout from Bobby Hebert's blow up on Les Miles continues.

I HOPE THIS GUY SUCKS AS MUCH AS THE LAST GUY: Texas Tech hires a new defensive coordinator. Maybe this one can hold the Cyclones to less than 41 points?

JOHN COOPER HATES THE BCS MORE THAN MICHIGAN: The former Iowa State assistant and longtime Ohio State head coach speaks out about how the "bowl people might be the most corrupt people in athletics."

FRANK MARTIN WILL EAT YOUR FACE: Let's just say he wasn't entirely pleased with his team... or anyone, for that matter.