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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/13/12

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MUSTACHE RIDES IS OUR NEW OFFENSIVE SCHEME. Courtney Messingham and Paul Rhoads talk offense. Messingham has indicated that we can "expect some packages where the Cyclones will run plays under center."

#2, Y'ALL! Iowa State makes two appearances on the Top 100 Games Of The 2011 College Football Season, highlighted by #2 against Oklahoma State. Of course the prerequisite shot at Sweet Caroline is taken.

CHRIS BABB IS DEFENSE. Not just a shooter, apparently

INSERT CLEVER VOLLEYBALL HEADLINE HERE. Carly Jenson and Alison Landwehr were voted 2nd team All-Americans.

ROYCE ATTACK. White admits he needs to be attacking more so he can miss more free throws... the man is a mathematician.

AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A BREWSTER PARTY... cause a Brewster party happens between Kansas and Iowa State.

JOCKEY CENTAUR. Because ESPN demanded it, here's Tebow as a Centaur.

DC DUMPING IS THE NEW HOTNESS. Mike Stoops is back at Oklahoma, which means Brent Venables is sort of out of a job. West Virginia is glad to be his rebound stop though. Check out this awkward dialogue between the two.

FREDDIE FLASHBACK. Here's Coach Hoiberg destroying Kansas at Hilton in 1995.