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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/16/12


NEW FACILITIES VIDEO = NEW COMMITS. The Cyclones received commitments from Texas DB Damien Lawry and Florida LB Darius White. White is now the THIRD player from Manatee HS in Florida on the Iowa State team, joining DT Quinton Pompey and WR Quenton Bundrage.

SEND IT BACK BIG MAN. Florida State demolished North Carolina and FSU fans stormed the court. This security guard was not amused.

"IOWA STATE, SON". This is a great read from Spencer Hall on recruiting season. The whole article is a fantastic read, but Iowa State gets a mention at the end.

MOAR NFL COACHES PLZ. Charlie Weis has hired former (failed) Cowboys coach Dave Campo as his defensive coordinator at Kansas. Maybe he's the guy to take over when Weis leaves in 5 years?

DOUBLE LOSS SATURDAY. The men blew a halftime lead to #10 Kansas and lost 82-73, while the women lost to #10 Texas A&M 59-33. The men did fare much better than the women, as the ladies were never even within 16 in the second half.