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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/17/12

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TRAVIS FORD IS HIGH AS HELL. The Oklahoma State coach makes a Jamal Mashburn comparison for Royce White (because volume scoring swingman is definitely what I think of when I think of Royce White), then talks about the Cyclones being a Final Four team.

SCOTTY CARES NOT FOR MORAL VICTORIES. Losing is losing to senior guard Scott Christopherson, no matter how encouraging the signs.

ROCK CHALK DOMINATION. The battle of the Big 12's best turned into not much of a game, as Kansas thoroughly dominated Baylor, 92-72.

IOWA "TRANSFER" CITY. In an offseason that even Greg McDermott would be proud of, yet another Hawkeye announced his transfer plans. This time it's once hotly recruited QB A.J. Derby, who the Hawks turned into a 3rd string linebacker.

A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME. And for Mike Leach. Peter Berg is working on a Mike Leach Docu-series. I know what my DVR will be recording...

GUNNER KIEL COMMITS, FOR REALZIES THIS TIME. The Nation's top ranked QB recruit bails on LSU and early enrolls at Notre Dame, after already bailing on Indiana for LSU. Soft commitments are all the rage these days!

IN SOVIET RUSSIA KANSAS CITY, PIOLI SPYS ON YOU. Not college related, but this is some crazy stuff going on with the Chiefs. Maybe they'll rename Arrowhead to "The Kremlin"?