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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/18/12


OUT WITH THE OLD (SADLY). IN WITH THE NEW. Leonard Johnson and Kelechi Osemele are gearing up to play in the Senior Bowl. Both are slated to go in April's NFL draft. On the other side of the ball, the Cyclones' young talent is ready to step up in 2012.

WE'LL MISS YOU BOBBY. Coach Elliot is officially leaving for Notre Dame. He's done a fantastic job with the defensive backs and we wish him the best in the future.

PEANUT BUTTER VENABLES TIME. David Ubben makes the case for Brent Venables as new Kansas State DC and Head Coach in Waiting.

IT'S BOOKER TIME. TJ Otzelberger talks about Anthony Booker's improved(?) 3 point shooting stroke.

HAPPY SOPA DAY! SB Nation officially opposes SOPA, and we are in full agreement. A must read if you don't know what SOPA is.

NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON with the Big 12 schedule. Realignment is now affecting my plans to get my hands on some WVU moonshine. There's too many people to blame for realignment, so today, I choose to blame Tom Osborne.

CHARLIE WEIS IS A DICK. KU player Brock Berglund learns of his dismissal on Twitter. Given, the kid was a problem, but at least tell it to his face.

OVERSIGNING! IT WORKS! The SEC's updated signing rules may have helped Justin Taylor plan his future a little bit better. Of course, the two worst offenders of oversigning just played for a National Championship, so there's that.

WEAKEST FULMER CUP POINT EVER? West Virginia WR Stedman Bailey has been accused of stealing some Theraflu from a grocery store.