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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/19/12


SCOTTY! The man who is as pale as our home jerseys daggered Oklahoma State last night after Tyrus McGee kept the Cyclones in it. About fitting given the heartbreaker against the Cowboys last year. To add to the Scotty mania, also has a look at Christopherson's career. If the highlights from weren't enough for you, here's a video from the stands courtesy of @mebreton.

YVONNE! Anderson's shot with 0.7 seconds left to beat the Cyclone women's basketball team proved Newton's third law correct.

LEONARD! LJ is highlighted in David Ubben's look at the most improved Big 12 players in 2011.

VENABLES! Brent is heading to Clemson to be the defensive coordinator, after a day of 6 mind changes that would make Gunner Kiel jealous.

SPENCER! Hall's guide to 2012 College Football Do's and Don't's.

CHARLIE! Weis with a solid F as Kansas hire in Stewart Mandel's report card of 2012 offseason hires.