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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/20/12


THIS GUY DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT HILTON MAGIC. Mike Rutherford does some great work on the mothership, but gives Cyclone basketball fans no credit. To be fair, it's probably not his fault since he's young and McDermott did his best to kill Hilton Magic during Rutherford's watching days.

OMG MCGEE. Steve Malchow looks at the guy who got Iowa State in position to win on Scott Christopherson's buzzer beater.

KEVIN GARNETT APPROVES OF THE CYCLONES. Or at least his catchphrase would. Bobby LaGesse talks about how this ISU team can probably coin the terms Any Given Wednesday/Saturday.

MO' MONEY MO' PROBLEMS. Recruiting expense reports for the Big 12. Gotta say that Oklahoma State gets some great value for its buck. Iowa State is no doubt weighed down from travel expenses for Florida and Texas players.

RECRUITING FOR DUMMIES. If you need to learn about recruiting season, here's a handy guide... and even though it's in jest, it's mostly true. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH ON HOW AWESOME THIS GUIDE IS.

PLAYOFF HATER. Michigan AD Dave Brandon apparently forgot about Appalachian State when he said that a 16 team playoff is ridiculous because smaller schools playing BCS schools "would get hurt".

EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE NBA. Read/watch Jon Bois' NBA2K12 Laboratory of LeBron James playing alongside a bunch of 5 foot 3 guys who won't shoot.

THE LEGEND OF WEIS GROWS. And not just in pant sizes. After he dismissed Brock Berglund from the team, he won't release Berglund from his scholarship.