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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/23/12


WE'RE NUMBER FOUR! With an easy win over Texas Tech and their dancing ginger fans, Iowa State improves to 4th in the Big 12. Hooray!

AND THE WOMEN TOO. Both Hallie Christofferson and Chelsea Poppens recorded double-doubles as Iowa State defeated the #17 Lady Raiders 66-49.

ROOKIE RHYMES WITH MCGEE. Sort of. Tyrus the Virus is your Big 12 Rookie of the week, making him the 3rd Cyclone to garner the award this year.

COMMIT-O-PHOBES. To Iowa State, anyway. Former commits from Blinn College Eddie Porter and Ishmail Hayes have switched their commitments to Gus Malzahn and Arkansas State. Someway, somehow, the long arm of Gene Chizik will haunt Iowa State.

NO CLEAN SWEEP AGAINST OSU. The Iowa State Wrestlers lost handily to top ranked Oklahoma State, ending the year of domination against the Cowboys.

HAWKEYES CAN FLY. As Tyler Sash shows us here.

CHIP KELLY REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO COACH LEGARRETTE BLOUNT AGAIN. Or something to that effect. Chip teased the Buccaneers all day, then finally rejecting them this morning.

DEATH OF A LEGEND. Joe Paterno has passed away at 85. Say what you will about his failures as a person, but as a football coach, there's no debate... he was a legend.