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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/24/12


WHO'S WATCHING TONIGHT? The Cyclones travel to Austin to play Texas tonight, but with the game only broadcast on the LHN (carried by all of about 4 carriers nationwide), good luck actually watching it.

BRACKETOLOGY UPDATE. SB Nation still has the Cyclones as one of the next 4 out, while ESPN has the Cyclones playing in a 12 seed play-in game against NC State.

HEY, WE FINALLY GAINED ONE! According to, DT Devlyn Cousin has decommitted from Southern Miss for Iowa State.

NO FUTURE KEN GRIFFEY JR. SIGHTINGS IN JACK TRICE. Trey Griffey has committed to Arizona over Iowa State and a bunch of other schools.

MACK BROWN SUCKERS DELOSS. After a pretty mediocre two seasons, Mack somehow received a 4 year extension. Exactly why is Texas concerned about his future with the program? Was the NFL calling?

TERRELL SAYS WHAT WE ALL WANTED TO SAY. Terrell Suggs calls Skip Bayless a douchebag.