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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/25/12


AIDS FOR THE EYES. Last night's game between the Longhorns and Cyclones was unbelievably ugly. Between the two teams putting up what seemed like double digit airballs and another Royce White FT shooting adventure (nice to see his honesty and Cyclone fans' support here), I felt bad for anyone that watched it... Good thing it was on LHN.

IT'S A TRAP! DeLoss Dodds says he wants Kansas City to keep the Big 12 Basketball Tournament. I guess even Mr. Burns did show he had a heart once in a while...

EXPANSION NEVER ENDS. More rumors of Big 12 expansion involving Louisville and BYU. Other rumors suggest the Big 12 may target the ACC as well.

THEY'RE PROBABLY ALL OUTSIDE FLOPPING FOR FREE TICKETS. Duke is having issues filling their Cameron Crazies student section.

HERE'S SOME COOL DUNKS FOR YOU. Since the last dunk you probably remember was Melvin Ejim getting rejected by the rim last night.