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Farmageddon hits the hardwood tonight as ISU hosts K-State in what has turned out to be a pretty pivotal game. Iowa State is coming off of its biggest win since 2005, while the Wildcats are reeling after dropping their second game to Oklahoma in the last month. It's a slightly unusual feeling to have meaningful games this late in the season again, but that's where we are at. Most pundits have Iowa State in the NCAA Tournament after the Kansas win, but a home loss could undo a lot of that. Kansas State is a very dangerous team, but is struggling lately. A win is another damn good one to add to the resume. A loss hurts, more because it would be at home than the fact that it would be to K-State.

The basketball season is kind of like a golf tournament. December is like Thursday and January is like Friday. We've made the cut so far. Starting tonight (and into February) it's "moving day" - time to really show what we are made of.