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So it's Monday night and you're not an SEC fan and enjoy offense but still want to watch the BCS National Championship Game. What are you to do? Make a drinking game, of course.

Drink one with every Harvey Updyke reference. Harvey was actually in NOLA answering questions yesterday!

Drink one if the announcers make a controversy out of an of-age Bama player playing craps before team curfew.

Drink one every time the awesomeness of the SEC is mentioned, or if we hear an "SEC! SEC!" chant.

Drink one for each use of the nickname "Honey Badger".

Drink one for each replay of the November 5th "Game of the Century". In addition, finish your drink if crying Bama fan is shown.

Drink one if Musberger or Herbstreit mention Tim Tebow. Because ESPN's coverage of him last night and this morning wasn't enough.

Finish all your grass if the announcers talk about Les Miles eating grass that one time like 3 years ago.

Drink one for every missed field goal.

Drink one for every commercial featuring Pitbull to signify the fact that you won't be having a real good time at all.

Drink one for each time Musberger uses the phrases "LOOKING FOR DAYLIGHT", "HOLD ON FOLKS", or "IT'S A FOOT RACE" (this one is not likely).

Finish your drink if an actual touchdown is scored.

Finish your drink when degenerate gambler Musberger inevitably makes a reference to the point spread near the end of the game.

And lastly (because drinking a lot is the only way for most Big 12 fans to handle this shitfest defensive struggle), drink one for every time Oklahoma State is mentioned.