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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/10/12

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A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

ANOTHER RAW PROSPECT. Bobby La Gesse examines the unique path Ernest Suttles took in his ISU commitment.

DYNAMIC DUO! Jared Barnett and Josh Lenz talk about offense against the stingy Wildcat defense.

BUT WE BOTH LIKE TO RUN OUR QBS. Iowa State is looking for the same dimension Collin Klein brings to the K-State offense.

ISU LOVES TEXAS. Steve Malchow talks about how integral the state has been to the Cyclones' success.

CYCLONES DON'T CARE ABOUT RANKINGS. Iowa State's first ranking since 2005 caused some commotion with fans, but the players don't seem to care.

MIZZOU WANTS TO BE ISU. In taking on Alabama, Missouri WR hopes his team "can be an Iowa State of last year."

PACHALL DOING HIS BEST TYRANN MATHIEU IMPRESSION. The TCU QB will withdraw from school to go to rehab, and may return to the team next season.

SCHADENFREUDE GOES AUBURN. Ah, how I don't miss you, Gene Chizik.

GOOD LORD NO. The NFL on Fox crew goes Gangnam Style. Fad officially dead.


JON ROTHSTEIN CATCHES UP WITH FRED HOIBERG. Here's all the tweets he had on ISU basketball yesterday.