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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/12/12: Farmageddon Eve

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

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SOLD OUT! Iowa State has sold out of 56,800 tickets, which is much more than capacity. I have no idea how we get to this number as a sell out.

WHERE DID THE PASS RUSH COME FROM? Bobby La Gesse investigates how the Cyclones have already matched their 2010 sack total through 5 games.

#25 IN THE RANKINGS, #16 IN OUR (FACEBOOK) HEARTS. Mashable reports ISU is #16 in the most talked about teams on Facebook.

CYCLONES PICKED EIGHTH. Just like last year's preseason basketball poll, Iowa State is predicted to finish eighth. Which means we'll probably be 3rd again.

IOWA NICE FOR CFBDAILY. Scott Siepker is at it again for ESPNU.

KORIE THE MENTOR? Senior Korie Lucious has taken to being a mentor for freshman Naz Long.

BUD PICKS US AGAIN. Not necessarily to win, but again has Iowa State beating the spread.

ALL THE CRAZY IN AUBURN. Gene Chizik's wife is just an insane amount of crazy wrapped into one woman.

TIARAS. Barking Carnival does a Big 12 midseason ranking, and the fact they don't have KU in its own category makes the entire post uncredible.

BANNING INSTAGRAM, SORT OF? The NCAA banned Instagram for recruiting, then sort of rescinded it?

TEXAS IN TROUBLE? Myck Kabongo is being investigated for ties to LeBron James' agent.

FICK THE PIZZA GUY. Luke Fickell may or may not have gotten a pizza guy fired for making disparaging comments about the team.

"OU IS HOW I SPELL FAMILY". With spelling like this, no wonder the PAC 12 thought OU's academics were too shitty for an invite. OU has a rap video out, and like the other school based raps (except ours with Tech N9ne!), it sucks. Except it's worse, because it's school sanctioned. Stoops face even makes an appearance.