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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/16/12

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

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MORE RUSHING PLEASE. Paul Rhoads is demanding more rushing out of his offense, specifically targeting 180 yards. Why do we need more? Brent Blum has your statistic there.

MORE YARDS ON FIRST DOWN. Andrew Logue looks at Iowa State's terrible success rate on first downs.

MORE OF EVERYTHING? Chris Williams diagnoses the Cyclones' offensive problems.

TIPPING PLAYS? West Virginia may have been tipping their plays to the Texas Tech defense.

SORRY FOR THE SUPLEX, DUDE. Nick Saban made his player apologize in writing for suplexing a Mizzou RB.

BIG 12 MESS. Cowboys Ride For Free looks at how little sense the Big 12 is making right now.

PLEAE DON'T MAKE ANOTHER ONE. OU made a terrible rap video, then hammered Texas. Inspiration: It comes from the oddest places.

WITHEY STYLE. KU basketball players get down to Oppa Jayhawk Style.

MACK BROWN HAS DIED OF DYSENTERY. Check out this 63:21 loop of Oregon Trail style mocking of Texas.

VITRIOL-LESS HATE. Mack Brown has to go, writes Barking Carnival.

DEATH SPIN CAM. Felix Baumgartner's spin captured from his helmet cam. Terrifying.

SETTING RECORDS! Gene Chizik: From championship to pink slip in record time?