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FINAL COUNTDOWN: Iowa State's Last Drives Against Kansas State

Fourth Quarter. 4:24 left in the game. Kansas State just wrapped up a 14 play, 8:10 field goal drive to extend their lead to six points. How does Iowa State respond?

Matthew Holst - Getty Images

***Josh Lenz returns kickoff 17 yards to 40 yard line***

Messingham: Alright, Lenz! Way to make a play, buddy! Great return, we've got excellent field position! GOLDEN opportunity to win the game on this drive.

Let's see, we have two timeouts to work with, and 4:17 left on the clock. Just 60 yards to pay dirt. No need to panic yet, plenty of of time to go. Playbook is wide open, need to work a mixture of the run and the pass.

Alright, I've called four passes and four runs to start our first eight drives. Balanced. Last drive started with a run, so let's see what a pass to Josh Lenz does right here. He's got the hot hand right now.

Pass bounces off Josh Lenz's hands

Messingham: Well, shit. That didn't work. At all. Somebody get Lenz some calcium and antioxidants, 'cause he's got a case of dropsy.

Alright, 2nd and 10. Try the run game? Try to get a little closer to the sticks? Well, the run game hasn't really been working all day. Only 61 yards on 23 attempts so far. Plus, Kansas State is probably expecting a run. A little play-action right now might catch the Wildcats napping.

Play-action pass complete pass to Aaron Horne for six yards

Messingham: Nice work, JB! That's the touch I like to see! Alright, 3rd and 4. Manageable down and distance. Lets see, lets see... Maybe a run here? Plenty of time left on the clock, still have just under four minutes to go 54 yards. Plus, we have to go for it on fourth down if we don't pick up this third down. A draw might work against the blitz...

Nah, another pass should do the trick.

Barnett misses a wide-open Shontrelle Johnson. Incomplete pass

Messingham: FuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK. Gotta hit that receiver, JB! ShonJohn had nothing but daylight ahead of him, and you were ten yards away! How did you manage to sail the ball five feet over his head?!

Okay, deep breath here, Mess. It's not the kid's fault. Not calling a run there may have been a mistake. Relax, focus the mind. Fourth down, four yards to go. Gotta call a play that the offense can hit on. Three straight passes, but can't really run on 4th and 4. Gotta make sure we pick up this first down.

Barnett casually bounces a pass a few feet in front of Jarvis West. Incomplete pass, turnover on downs

Messingham: (Takes off headset) Well, we're boned.

***ISU defense holds KSU to a three-and-out. KSU punt downed at ISU three-yard line***

Messingham: (Now hyperventilating into a paper bag) Ooohh-kaaaay. 2:17 left in the game. 97 yards to go. JB's missed four out of his last five passes. Maybe it's time to panic a little bit.

Can't really run the ball in this situation, not enough time on the clock. Working out of the end zone, gotta get a quick pass off to avoid the safety.

Fastball low across the middle, incomplete to Chris Young

Messingham: Okay, that was a little low, but you gotta get that ball, Chris. Still, middle of the field is wide open right now. Let's try the same thing.

Fastball high across the middle, incomplete to Chris Young


Well, hell. Chris can't catch a cold in snot factory right now. Gotta key on someone else, gotta pick up SOME yards on this play, get out of the end zone and give the offense a little breathing room.

Protection breaks down, Barnett scrambles for four yard gain

Messingham: Thattaway, Jared! Way to make something out of nothing. Okay, okay, clocks ticking, gotta get a play in... Need six yards for the first down... 1:45 on the clock, 1:44, 1:43... Quick pass to the outside, catch and run, get out of bounds. Let's do it, guys

Barnett casually bounces a pass a few feet behind Aaron Horne. Incomplete pass, turnover on downs

Messingham: Sheeeeee-iiiiiiiittt. Well, I'd like to say that was a nice attempt, but that would be a hell of a lie. Two opportunities to drive to win the game with four minutes left, and my offense can't even pick up a first down? What the fuck is that?

Only picked up ten yards total in those last two drives.

My quarterback missed five out of six passes on those last two drives.

231 total offensive yards. 16 completions on 36 attempts. 4.6 yards per pass.

65 total rushing yards on 24 attempts. 2.7 yards per attempt.

How the hell did I let this happen? Barnett's got some serious work to do. I'VE got some serious work to do. Shit. How the hell are we going to keep up with Oklahoma State, Baylor and West Virginia?

Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video) (via jacobfh95)