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Gameweek Q&A: Oklahoma State With Cowboys Ride For Free

Catching up with the Cowboy that probably still hates us, AUKingOState from Oklahoma State's SB Nation Community, Cowboys Ride For Free.

What a Quagmire-ish picture of Mike Gundy.
What a Quagmire-ish picture of Mike Gundy.
Tom Pennington

After he threatened us with death after last year's game, I was a little hesitant to engage King on anything, but it seems his hate has worn off a bit, and he promises that he's far too lazy to do any of the killing he promised anyway. My answers to his questions can be found over at CRFF.

This Wes Lunt/J.W. Walsh thing is kind of getting ridiculous. Which one do you like more to lead you within a game of the promised land only to have it crushed at the hands of some upstart team on a cold November night?

AUKingOState: Lunt for sure, he fits what we want to do much better. He's cold as ice, has a big arm, and is cool in the pocket. Like a cigarette after unprotected sex, having him behind center makes me feel better. I love JW, he's been the consumate team player, and I'd love to find a package for him to get some reps, but Wes is the man, and I can't wait to see him on the field again.

Mike Gundy's injury blackout is strange. Is there a possibility that he secretly Adam James'd some player and that's why he's withholding information? Also, do you think he uses the time not discussing injuries to learn new dance moves? Maybe Gangnam Style?

AUKingOState: Mike Gundy's injury blackout is weak, and even he knows it. I doubt he James'd a punk ass, but he did say before the season that he thought this was the best defense he's seen here, so I think he wants us to talk about injuries and not the fact he apparently doesn't know jack shit about defense. I remember he used to cite privacy concerns, but really he's pulling a Snyder and hoping it works out. I think it sucks, but I'm not T-Boone so nobody cares.

T. Boone Pickens recently got divorced. What are the odds we can get an Iowa State co-ed to seduce him into building us an endzone? He built you guys an entire sweet stadium, surely he can afford a measly endzone for us.

AUKingOState: Speaking of old T$, you get the right co-ed and you'll get a donation for a shiny new vet school, which you can then ignore and spend the money on your endzone. If that doesn't work out we used to have cheap ass bleachers in our endzone. Looked like crap, made me nervous when a lot of people were on them, but they were there, damnit.

No Justin Blackmon, no Josh Cooper, and a banged up Tracey Moore. What does the rest of the Oklahoma State receiving corps look like and where does their talent fall compared to prior years?

AUKingOState: I think the talent is, overall, about the same, but nobody has taken over like Blackmon. I think Tracey Moore can, assuming he gets healthy and Lunt returns, but with Walsh at QB, Todd Monken doesn't have the balls to throw it deep. Behind that, Charlie Moore finally had a good game, C.J. Curry hasn't been on the field or been thrown to much, but he's a freshman. Blake Jackson had started to chisel the concrete off his hands against UL, but has disappeared the past two weeks. Kye Staley can be counted on for a backfield pass for 3 yards from time to time. Josh Stewart is leading the team in yards, and I think that has to do with Walsh throwing to him more. If he's healthy, and I have no idea if he is.

What's wrong with the Oklahoma State defense? Are they as terrible as Baylor? I would think a team with Justin Gilbert and Brodrick Brown would be better than they are, but I guess I'd say the same for a Texas team with Okafor, Jeffcoat, and Vaccaro.

AUKingOState: What's wrong with the defense? They suck. Somehow Brown and Gilbert have regressed, the D line is finally good but the linebackers suck, and the scheme leads them to give up 3rd down conversions like T-Boone gets wives. I am very, very disappointed in the D, and I don't have any faith it will change until Bill Young retires. Wanna beat us easy? Make sure you're always in 3rd and 10 or longer. Then it will be an automatic first down as we play 15 yards deep.

BONUS: I'll be in Stillwater for the game this weekend. Can you make me an itinerary of stuff to do on Saturday? I will, of course, take any recommendation you have with a grain of salt, because I'm still not sure you don't want to kill me.

AUKingOState: Okay, well you're going to have to get to boozing early. Joe's will open up the outdoor stand early to get you going, but you're going to need some food probably. First, stay the hell away from Shortcakes. Unless you've stayed up the entire night drinking, but even then it's sketchy. I'd also suggest a couple of diners downtown and Boom a Rang is pretty good.

Also, if you're downtown you can take the shuttle to the game so you don't have to pay $40 to park. However, the shuttle doesn't run from downtown to the strip, and you don't want to make that walk. The tailgate scene is always there, and I think OSU will have some breakfast stuff for purchase, but it will be overpriced and shitty.

Downtown also has Finnegan's Pub and Louie's, which have great drink prices, but are kinda isolated from the strip bars. After the game there are tons of restaurants but all will be packed, so anticipate that. On the strip a Fuzzy's Tacos just opened, and they're badass. If you have 4 people with you (you have to have 4 ID"s cause they're pussies) you can actually buy a fishbowl full of alcohol. I fully recommend the Limey's at the Copper Penny, and the College Bar is okay. Willies doesn't have tons of TV's but it's enough. Avoid Outlaws and JR Murphys, because while they are the nicest bars on the strip, they water down their booze like crazy. Sadly, Murphys is the best place to watch football, outside of Buffalo Wild Wings.

George's Stables is across the street from Joe's (like 10 feet away, I'm amazed they've survived) and it's pretty decent. The Stonewall is okay, good beer prices.

Be aware, there are like two cabs in Stillwater, so have a plan. For dinner, any place you can get in is the best place to eat. If you like sushi, Kyoto off Main is good. For steak, the Ranchers Club is legit but pricey (and has a dress code). El Tapatio has some good mexican if you like grease.

If you're completely crazy, drive to OKC and party balls in Bricktown. Lots of fun, requires lots of money. My suggestion: after the game go to Louie's, survive the wait, have some drinks and get some food, then head to the strip and bar hop til closing time. Try to find yourself a wasted co-ed and get you a Dana Holgorsen snack. After that, IHOP is open.

Oh, and don't forget the Thai Cafe on Husband if you get the chance. Really good food. I also know this sweet place way up north of town off Perkins. Just drive about 5 miles north and take a left. It will look like an empty field, but just trust me and head into the woods. You'll find the real party there.

Not sure if the last idea is like an OSU Burning Man celebration or he's just setting me up for a beating. Like Jessie Spano from Saved By The Bell on caffeine pills, I am now excited and terrified for my trip at the same time... Thanks King.