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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/19/12

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

DON'T BLAME RHOADS. Iowa State may have been responsible for OSU's only loss last year, but he voted the Cowboys #2.

ANOTHER ARTICLE ABOUT HOW GIANT DAVID IRVING IS. has the latest one. Can't wait to see how many articles about his freakish size will be written by the time he graduates.

MIDSEASON ALL-BIG 12. AJ Klein, Jake Knott, and Kirby Van Der Kamp all make ESPN's midseason team.

BRUN'S TRANSITION. A look at the change Ernst Brun made from basketball in HS to football in junior college.

BON PREVIEWS IOWA STATE. An excellent and comprehensive check in with Fred Hoiberg's program from a bunch of Texans.

CF PREVIEW. Chris Williams is also picking the Cowboys to get their revenge on the Cyclones.

MORE Q&A. If you prefer something more serious than mine and King's discussion, check out Kyle Porter and Chris Williams' debate on this weekend's matchup.

WHAT ELSE IS ON? Andy Hutchins tells you what to watch on Saturday (other than our game, of course).

WORST SPORTS TWEETS OF THE YEAR. It's only October, but Awful Announcing has the worst tweets in sports. Slightly surprised Roddy White didn't make this list.