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CYALIS: Your Solution For Premature Enumeration

Iowa State may need to try some unconventional methods to fix their offensive struggles in the second half. This offer seems legit.

Hello freind! I am please to invite you to this special offer. Find namebrand, prescription C~Y~A~L~I~S and C~Y~A~G~R~A at discont prices today! Don't wait, buy now!

Is your offenses struggling? Balls not moving like before? Has you been "blowing your load" to early? If you find yourself scoring too soon, you NEED to try CYALIS today!


Prescription CYALIS helps you control you're offense :-) Many teams have problems with offense, but never seek help becuase of stigma and embarassment. Did you know over 75% of teams score in the first quarter? Teams that score too fast often have performance issues for the rest of the game. Issues that can include, but aren't limited to:

  • Emaciated point total
  • Sulky-Fan Syndrome (SMS)
  • Quarterback Quandary
  • Shrunken yardage
  • General malaise
  • Defensive Debilitation

Don't take YOURSELF out of the game! Try CYALIS today!

Listen to testimonial from satisfied customer, Mr. Blyowa Blate Blyblones:

"I often find myself scoring on the first drive of the game, and everything's going well for the first quarter or so. Yardarge is up, points are on the board; I'm feeling good. Unfortunately, my stamina just isn't what it used to be, and after that first touchdown I just can't do anything else for the rest of the game. I needed help."

But Mr. Blyblones didn't suffer with his problem. He took ACTION and used prescriptioin CYALIS. And good thing too! Look where Mr. Blyblones offensive yards was before trying CYALIS:

Q1 Yds Q2 Yds Q3 Yds Q4 Yds
Tulsa 100 201 103 37
Iowa 111 121 55 55
WIU 171 109 112 112
TT 45 17 72 54
TCU 174 12 120 44
KSU 89 43 70 29
OSU 137 74 66 64
118.14 82.43 85.43 56.43

Now look at were Mr. Blyblones offensive scoring was before trying CYALIS (NOTE: NO DEFENSIVE POINTS :D)

Q1 Score Q2 Score Q3 Score Q4 Score
Tulsa 7 17 7 7
Iowa 6 3 0 0
WIU 14 7 10 6
TT 0 0 6 0
TCU 16 0 7 7
KSU 0 14 0 7
OSU 10 0 0 0
7.57 5.86 4.29 3.86

Shameful. Mr. Blyblones was "shooting his wad" early and not performing well late in the game, when performance matters most. But CYALIS changed his life, and it can change yours to!

CYALIS is a patented supplement designed with todays offense in mind. IT works by boosting teams stamina and blocking harmful CB and LB toxins, free radicals that lower your performance. CYALIS is an all-natural mixture of ginseng, horny goat weed, gatorade and amphetamines. When you can score later, you can WIN the game :D

Don't suffer in silence any longer! CYALIS CAN and WILL help you score longer and later than ever before. Keep those balls moving and TRY IT NOW!

***For prescription C~Y~A~L~I~S or C~Y~A~G~R~A, plesae respond to this message with a valid credit card number and expirition date. Shipping takes 4-6 weeks. For expedited shipping, please send social security number***