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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/22/12: TARP Week

A daily (TARPed out) collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

WE LOST TO A ONE KNEED QB. JW Walsh tore a knee ligament in the first quarter and still put up 400+ yard on us. Fantastic.

WE'RE DOING THIS AGAIN! Another terrible loss means another quarterback competition.

ROAD TEAM DOMINATION. The visiting team is winning 65% of their games in the Big 12 right now.

JOSEPH RANDOLPH REALLY GASHED US. Pistols Firing has all the awful announcing from Saturday's game.

HIGH PRAISE FOR OUR QBS! More from Kyle Porter: "If Iowa State didn’t have QBs that would have competed for time on my intramural team Iowa State they could have army-crawled into the endzone."

STILL GOING TO A BOWL? David Ubben still has us projected for a the Heart Of Dallas Bowl. while Jason Kirk still has us slotted for a return trip to New York.

AND STILL BETTER THAN BAYLOR AND KU! He must have stopped drinking, because Ubben's power rankings actually make sense this week.

RULES FOR FIELD RUSHING? Screw the rules, just rush, says Bobby Big Wheel.

KSTATE IS GOOD. Analyzing the thrashing KSU laid on the Mountaineers this weekend.