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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/23/12

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

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RIP ENNIS AND STEVIE. Brent Blum pens this piece to two former players who aren't with us any more.

RUSHING AVERAGE VS. MEDIAN. Kirk Haaland looks at how investigating average and median rushing yards from Saturday gives you very different results.

10 THOUGHTS ON STILLWATER. Pistols Firing asked me for my thoughts on Stillwater, so I hit them up with ten. Bonus: In the comments, a kind Cowboy provides the recipe for Limeys.

PAUL RHOADS STILL LIKES THE D. Post game quotables from Rhoads and more.


MELVIN IS SMART. High IQ on and off the court for Melvin Ejim as he has been inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi honor society.

CLYBURN AND LUCIOUS, TOGETHER FOREVER. Fred Hoiberg is changing to suit his two best players, and in return, they're doing some cheesy pics together.

#40 PG. CBS Sports ranks the top 50 point guards in the country, and Korie Lucious is in the mix.

RE-RANKING THE TEAMS. USA Today's weekly re-rank is out, and we're somehow behind Iowa and Tulsa at #51.

CHEER UP EVERYONE! Hazzle Dazzle brings in Cooter Ray to cheer up Iowa and Iowa State fans.

MACK BROWN HATIN ON LHN. Not sure if this is just to distract people from his semi-train wreck of a season, but he's not happy with his overlords.

IOWAUBURN HAS BEEN VULGAR FOR AWHILE AROUND HERE. College Shameday comes up with a new vulgar term.