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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/25/12

A daily collection of links on the Cyclones and sports in general.

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NO BUTKUS SEMIFINALIST FOR KLEIN AND KNOTT. And Steve Malchow is unhappy with the voting process.

WHAT'S THAT BAYLOR D LOOK LIKE? The country's worst defense has undergone some depth chart changes, and Our Daily Bears checks it out.

DIANTE MAKES THE SUNS ROSTER. DG will be on the Suns' opening day roster, meaning that there has been a future NBAer on every Cyclone basketball team since 1981.

CFTV BAYLOR. Cyclone players talk about playing the Bears this weekend.

WE'RE GOING DOWN TO BAYLOR! Ubben picks Baylor to pull the win at Jack Trice this weekend.

DOWN GOES KANSAS! Not as big of a deal as it was for basketball, but the volleyball team defeated KU at Hilton last night.

SAD COUCH BURNING TIME. This Week In Schadenfreude features West Virginia's extreme sadness in getting blown out by Kansas State.

JVB GOES BEAR HUNTING. BHGP finds out what the Iowa coaches are doing to solve James Vandenberg's issues.

WE'RE CORRECTLY RATED! Pistols Firing looks at how each Big 12 basketball team has been predicted to finish to how they did finish. The Cyclones come out even overall. but have had two "amazing" seasons.

TWITTER BAN? The pros and cons of coaches banning Twitter for players.