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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/26/12: QB Poll Time!

A daily collection of links on the Cyclones and sports in general

PAUL RHOADS ISN"T HAPPY. "Sitting here at 1-3 in the league is not a place we’d like to be.

LJ STEPS UP. Leonard Johnson "started" for the Buccaneers last night (Tampa opened up in nickel), making several beautiful plays in coverage on Michael Jenkins and Percy Harvin, then capped it off with his first career INT off Christian Ponder.

VISITORS THIS WEEKEND. Chris Williams gives you the rundown on the recruits visiting Ames this weekend.

STOPPABLE FORCE VS. EXTREMELY MOVABLE OBJECT. Our Daily Bears previews Iowa State's O vs. Baylor's D.

GET LESS DEPRESSED ABOUT THE O. By reading about the scrutiny Baylor's D is facing for poor tackling

STAT NERDOUT. Kirk Haaland's stats odds and ends on the Bears.

BANDAID CAMPAIGN. Collin Klein's Heisman campaign includes an unwrapped bandaid contaminated with a disease that makes you sprout a Wildcat head.

ANOTHER PREVIEW, ANOTHER 8TH PLACE FINISH. NBC Sports' Big 12 Basketball preview doesn't like ISU much either..

REHAB'S NOT GOING SO WELL. Or maybe it is, because Tyrann Mathieu was only busted for possession of marijuana, not smoking it.

MY EYES! The worst high school uniforms of all time.

ZE ALPHABETICAL. Just read it.

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT MIKE GUNDY? The Tulsa World came up with SIXTY THREE facts about the man.