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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/3/12

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

TAINTS WITHOUT CHEATING. AJ Klein handles his defensive responsibilities while racking up the record for INT return TDs for LBs.

REEVES WANTS TO GET BETTER. Even though the defense has far outperformed the offense this season, Jeremy Reeves wants more.

BIG 4 CLASSIC INFO. All times and ticket information have been released for the Big 4 classic in Des Moines.

WE'RE TCU'S SUPER BOWL! The Horned Frogs are busting out purple chrome helmets against Iowa State on Saturday.

SOMEBODY DOESN'T LIKE ROYCE. This Thunder blogger didn't like OKC fans that wanted Sam Presti to take White, and Royce's current absence from camp means he's going to continue telling everyone he was right.

DG IN PHX. Diante Garrett is joining the Phoenix Suns 18 man roster for training camp.

"OTHER PEOPLE (AT OTHER STADIUMS) ARE PROBABLY DRUNK." Apparently Texas fans don't drink, because Mike Davis agrees with Kenny Vacarro that it doesn't get loud in DKR stadium.

GOLDDIGGER PSA! T. Boone Pickens is getting a divorce. Will a hot chick from Iowa State PLEASE seduce him? Iowa State could use couple hundred million.


MORGANTOWN, YOU'RE COOL. A pretty cool rendition of Country Roads after their win over Baylor.

SPEAKING OF WVU... Grantland on if Holgomagic can turn them into a national contender.

GUILTY OF TEABAGGING. The Alabama fan that teabagged the passed out LSU fan after the National Championship pled guilty to obscenity.

THE NUMERICAL'S MAKING FUN OF STEELE. 2.0 yards per attempt! Hooray!

LOLO FACEPALM. Lolo Jones had an interaction with Eric LeGrand that won't win her many fans.