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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/31/12

A daily collection of links on the Cyclones and sports in general.

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A LETTER TO JAKE. Bryce Miller of the Des Moines Register writes a farewell to Jake Knott.

KNOTT ALONE. Kirk Haaland looks at the other Cyclones that have given themselves to the program much like Jake Knott.

WHAT RHOADS WANTS HE GETS. The new football facility has Paul Rhoads' fingerprints all over it.

BRUNS AND MCKNIGHT TALK BERGSTROM. They're both big fans of the new facility (Bruns should, he is the project manager).

JUCOS JUCOS JUCOS! The Kansas State formula, and how it's building a champion.

PLAYOFF EMERGENCY. With a multitude of undefeated teams left, we're looking at another BCS disaster on our hands.

THAT'S IGNORANT, YO. Mack Brown is drawing a line in the sand. Are you with him or against him? Kirk Bohls also has some interesting quotes from Longhorn players.

MORE PROBLEMS FOR CHIZ. He's staying tight lipped about the possibility that the NCAA is looking at Auburn (again) for more violations.

STURDY TO LEACH. Coug Center looks at how Mike Leach has changed the offense from the reign of current Cyclone coach Todd Sturdy.

DANCINGSANDYBROS. Nobody likes to see natural disasters, but these bros are making the most of it.

STAYING CLASSY. Spencer Hall delves into his least favorite phrase in sports.

THE NUMERICAL. Weekly must read.