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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/4/12

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

TCU Q&A. KnowDan did a Q&A with SB Nation's TCU blog Frogs O' War. Watch for his questions for them to be posted later as well.

CASEY PACHALL ARRESTED. The TCU QB was arrested overnight for DWI, almost sideswiping a car in the process.

POPPENS IS THE FEMALE JAKE KNOTT. Or something like that, according to Bill Fennelly.

ROYCE IS OK. He's issued a statement that he and the Rockets are cool and are working jointly through his anxiety issues.

UNAPOLOGY. The Big 12 supposedly apologized to Oklahoma State for a blown call against Texas, then denied the apology. Yeah, I don't know either.

SABAN HATES POINTS. Nick Saban isn't happy with games like West Virginia-Baylor. His distaste for point might be further proof he is indeed the devil.

EASY FODDER. The Smoking Musket is taking their shot at Texas, and of course it's Matthew McConaghey.

WE'RE DUCKING SCHADENFREUDE. None of our bitching over the TTU loss was noted, but Georgia Tech's sadness is hilarious.

BETTER OUT OF CONFERENCE GAMES? Major programs are trying to schedule better early season opponents.