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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/9/12: Iowa State Adopts Farmageddon

A daily collection of links about the Cyclones and sports in general.

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OFFICIALLY FARMAGEDDON! Iowa State Athletics has acknowledged the greatest manufactured rivalry name in college football.

NEW DE COMMIT. The 19th member of the 2013 class is Ernest Suttles, a 6 foot 5 DE from Tampa, Florida.

HAPPY WITH THE DEFENSE. Creating turnovers and limiting big gains makes PR happy.

71 POINTS. Paul Rhoads says 71 is the amount needed to win a Big 12 game.

WHO THE HELL IS CHARGING HIM ANYWAY? If I opened a business in Ames, I'd go broke giving free stuff to Rhoads and Hoiberg.

AT LEAST WE KNOW IT'S ON SATURDAY? The Big 12 was pretty helpful with their announcement on the gametime of Iowa State at Oklahoma State. I suppose this at least means there will be national coverage.

TYRUS MCGEE WANTS MORE. The Cyclone senior is looking for an expanded role this season.

TOUGH LOVE. Ex-Texas DT Henry Melton says the 2012 Texas defense "can't stop a nosebleed".

BILL SNYDER LOVES PIZZA RANCH. I can't say I blame him for his love of the Waukee Pizza Ranch, but I hardly believe he's capable of writing a Google review.

PACHALL NEEDS SOME TIME OFF? Kenny Vaccaro says Casey Pachall told him he was going to take some time off and straighten his life out.

PURPLE EFFICIENCY. Kansas State is currently #1 in the UPS Team Performance Index for efficiency. The Cyclones check in at #35.

ARE THE SOONERS BACK? Jason Kersey looks at if Oklahoma is back in the national title hunt after an impressive display